Southwest Geographix is a locally owned and operated wide format digital print and laser engraving/cutting studio that specialises in all residential, business & industrial signage.

Our passion is to provide you with the perfect fit digital print or laser engraved/cut product for your purposes, no matter what business you are in.

Print/Cut Advantage

At Southwest Geographix we streamline the production process by automatically contour cutting printed graphics. By eliminating the need to reload and reposition graphics, our intergrated cutting system saves valuable time and effort, resulting in a better price for our clients.

For laminated graphics, our quadralign four point optical registration system automatically realigns the cutting path and compensates for skew and distortion from the laminating process.

Environmental Certifications

Many of our clients share our concern for the environment and are pleased that our printing equipment at Southwest Geographix is energy star certified and includes advanced features that minimise ink consumption, reducing environmental waste and operational costs.

Our equipment is certified by the Eco-Label system, an ISO 14021 Type II label certifying compliance with a company’s internal environmental standards.


We offer our clients an array of print options including a high speed mode for production banner printing, the MAX Impact preset for vivid outdoor graphics and Artistic mode for exceptional outdoor graphics.


ECO-SOL MAX is a remarkable innovation in ink technology, offering fast drying time, high density, wide colour gamut and rugged scratch resistance. In addition, ECO-SOL MAX is virtually odourless.

At Southwest Geographix we take advantage of an 8 colour Ink system. CMYK Lc Lm +Mt +W

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black for high speed printing.

The addition of Light Cyan and Light Magenta inks in our configuration allows for enhanced blues and reds, flawless flesh tones and improved image quality across lighter colours.

Metalic Silver and White ink gives Southwest clients the added versatility of silver metallic and white ink. With the addition of metallic silver ink, you can easily apply brilliant metallic colours that were previously only available through silk screening, offset and hot stamping.

The design possibilities are boundless with the rich textures and smooth gradations of gold, silver, metallic and pearlescent colours.

Available spot colours for our ink configuration include over 500 metallic and pearlescent colours.

Advanced 8-Channel Print Head Technology.

Incorporating the latest in variable droplet inkjet technology, the new 8-channel Piezo inkjet print head contains 180 nozzles per channel in a gold plated housing.  The total of 1440 nozzles are perfectly round for precision-formed droplets.

With seven different droplet sizes available the Wide Format printing equipment at Southwest Geographix achieves remarkably smooth gradations and richer density for photographic and high resolution vector output, providing you with the best possible quality print to showcase your product.